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Since 2006 Feed Promo has been promoting only a small group of websites but creating a strong web presence and gaining recognition from other parts for the hard work implied to this activity.

2013 is finally the Year we decide to make an open approach and share our promotional skills with you too !  By now, we had constructed a very solid base of loyal followers and connected with many networks of people with different interests but all related with the most interesting activity of all...

Feed Promo is working as a Umbrella promotional tool in music and art networks. We had been promoting Artists, labels, Arts, websites and Parties for friends and for ourselves time enough to gain the knowledge necessary to deliver information to the right people.
We post in many national and international forums, blogs, social networks, partners website and we stream millions of music producers and Djs in the radio.

Is no small promotion job for us.  We are specialized in Promo Press Release for musicians and labels by creating special release pages with music samples and art covers.
During many years we had made various artist biography, flyers, writing music reviews, publishing releases, creating radio shows and organizing DJs line up + Playlists, making videos promotion, Promoting Artist websites, Promoting Download Stores and we always had a very good feedback for the work we do.

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