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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Triplicity Psychedelic Gathering 2014

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18th April - 21st April

3 Nights - 4 Stages - Funktion 1 Pro Audio Sound

 Triplicity is a group of goer party people from Wales Organising psychedelic Gatherings in the Summer. 2014 will be a kick by a three days event in April. This time they join forces with other party organisers to bring the best fun and diversity. 


Playground of life:

The gates open at 2pm and the event starts at 6pm Friday 18th April 2014 and will run until midday on Monday 21st April. There will be 4 stages, 
* The Triplicity & Eden stage, 
* Alternative live acoustic and cinema stage, 
* The Playground of Life chill-out stage 
* The secret stage...... more info to follow ;).

 Stages will run from 10am until 2am with plenty going on in-between. The music will be NON-STOP. They will also be showing movies throughout the night in the alternative stage for those who want to take it easy in-between the stomping sessions. 

Event page:

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Q.P.A (UK Debut) at Psyanide party

Flying from Spain direct to Psyanide Party

Qubenzis Psy Audio aka Ricky Mard,originally from Sweden is the human power behind the Qubenzis Project !
When Q.P.A came in contact with the psychedelic subculture it inspired him to investigate more about this music style.
To Qubenzis Psy Audio psytrance represents a symbiosis of nature, technology, spirituality and music, a kind of electronic shamanism or a high tech Gnostic search for inner self in connection with the Universe.
Not only... Qubenzis Psy Audio has been in music for many years producing other music styles,including samples and loop packs for many artists and own production.
He is An artist, musician, dj and sound designer who creatively explores and expands ideas about what psychedelic trance music can be. A powerful musical journey with fusion of electronic dance music aimed for psytrance listeners whose intelligence craves more than just a thumping beat.
Ricky has been making music in his whole life and also learned to play different instruments especially synthesizer (frequency modulation) and the electric Bass guitar (frethless..) where he played with different bands and enrolled in different live music projects.
Since 2007 Q.P.A has started to develop a better sound by Learning more about how to digitally record and produce psytrance music transforming ideas into 'reality' by using his beloved synthesizers and computers.
Q.P.A DJ Mix mood tend to be “high octane Full On”, melodic dark (max 150 bpm) and psychedelic trance (142-148bpm) of high production quality.
Q.P.A Official Releases 2010/2013
Q.P.A - Subsequent Resonance - 2010 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Meta Dawn - 2010 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Alien Face Lift - 2012 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception (EP) - 2012 (Lua Records)
UPCOMING @ Lua Records (soon)
Q.P.A - Psychedelic Freedom - 2013
UPCOMING @ N.C.P Records (Soon)
Q.P.A - Gibraltar (DaDa project Remix) - 2013

For more reference visit Ricky`s Page where you can find a list with free downloads of many songs, mixes, samples and loops
Catch Q.P.A @ Psyanide Party
Tickets still available. Get yours here:
Visit Psyanide Website:

It's all in the music... just dance.



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