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Feed Promo would love to share our promotional work with you. We had been doing so much to maintain all  websites, blogs, social networks and friends pages on top of the search engines but some times is hard to get all the work well done without a glitch. To avoid glitches, we have decided to restrict our promotional work to a certain number of Partners and friends.

Feed Promo is very busy most part of the time promoting our partners websites and maintaining networks.
For this reason, we can not really compromise to promote your work unless you book us to promote you in a time when we are free or by pre-booking.  
Visit our Calendar page for free dates available:
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Last Updated: 22/02/2015

During many years we have made, promoting and maintaining most part of this websites. Not all websites are mentioned here but these ones are the main ones we had worked and still work closely.
Festival Trade - Market Store: http://www.festival-trade.com
Trance Moon Radio - Network: http://www.trancemoon.com
Trance Moon Radio - Psy Trance: http://www.psy.trancemoon.com
Trance Moon Radio - Darkpsy: http://www.dark.trancemoon.com
Lua Records - Label: http://www.lua-records.com
Q.P.AArtist  and Music Production: http://www.qubenzis.com
Cubaseguru - Music Production: http://www.music-production-videos.com

Creating and perfecting websites is not enough, some times you need a support for the work you do and blogs are a very good tool to write content in the web as they personalise your presence and they are a great support for the website. We really like to work with blogs as we found it to be very interactive and dynamic, sometimes more then websites with flash content !  Here are some of the blogs we had created.
We still recommend to our partners to create blogs instead of websites.

Fractaloops - Fractal video clips: http://fractaloops.blogspot.co.uk
Lua Records - Label Blog: http://lua-records.blogspot.co.uk
N.C.P Records - Label Blog: http://ncp-records.blogspot.co.uk
Freeka Diary - Comedy blog: http://freeka-diary.blogspot.co.uk
WAVDJ - DaDa Artist Experimentalism: http://wavdj.blogspot.co.uk


Keeping up with all the promotional needs for a good release is not a easy achievement. Here at Feed Promo we had created many promo press releases and this become our main speciality. We made up to 30 unique promotional release/artist pages with samples and art covers. Posting in 100s of forums, creating Artists and DJs Biography, Art covers for releases, publishing and distributing. All this go into the right places to the right  people.  We have made many press releases and post in too many forums to mention all here but we leave you some links for reference...

VA / Deep Trip (vol 1) - Compilation

VA / Deep Trip (vol 2) - Compilation
VA / Deep Trip (vol 3) - Compilation
VA / Silicone Sunrise - Compilation
 Emphapsyzer - Psy Cartunes - Artist release
Q.P.A -  Alien Inspiration (EP) - Artist Release
Griboz Project - Forbidden sector of the Planet (EP) - Artist Release
Omega Flight - Basketkase (EP) - Artist Release

Web sites, blogs, social networks, social bookmarks, mobile phones, apps and ipads is a never ending story !  Not easy to follow all this developments and try to be on top of each one to get the best. Better to maintain one place and work on that ! The same we can not say here at Feed Promo as we are growing under all this new developments and we try to get the best of what is on offer for us.. They are just too many ! Even so, we seat on the most powerful social networks to keep promoting our partners. Next is some examples of this.
One2One Facebook - Arts and Crafts: https://www.facebook.com/one2one.crafts
Lua Records Facebook - Label: https://www.facebook.com/luarecords
Lua Records Soundcloud - Label: https://soundcloud.com/lua-records
Lua Records Myspace - Label: http://www.myspace.com/luarecords
N.C.P Soundcloud - Label: https://soundcloud.com/ncprecords
N.C.P Facebook - Label: https://www.facebook.com/NCPrecords
Trance Moon Twitter - Radio: https://www.twitter.com/trancemoon
Trance Moon Myspace - Radio: http://www.myspace.com/trancemoon

Trance Moon Facebook - Radio: https://www.facebook.com/alienature
Trance Moon Forum - Radio: http://www.forum.trancemoon.com

 Not only we make and maintain all this networks, we create videos for promotional matters too. All videos in this Youtube channels has been created to support the websites,blogs, labels, music and artists.
Thanks to Fractaloops for the concession of the Fractal video clips
Fractaloops Youtube - Fractal loops video clips: http://www.youtube.com/Fractaloop
Lua Records Youtube - Label Promotional video releases: http://www.youtube.com/luarecords
N.C.P Records Youtube - Label promotional video releases: http://www.youtube.com/ncprecords

 This is only some of the work we have done in the web in the past 8 years. Not all work is posted in this page and many other promotional services are not mentioned in here as:

Static and animated banners / website badges / web music players / sampling music tracks / music mastering / creation of loop packs / creation of event pages / Art covers and graphic works / Artists Biography / Music Reviews / Download store affiliation / Website store stock control and input data/ Radio Database entry for new releases and labels / Email marketing / Sign in Pages / Search engine submissions / emails management / Writing articles and more...

Let us know if you need some of our services : Enquires
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