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 This days we have so many options and so many things to do but time is not our best friend. FeedPromo is here to cover that part of your work.
To help you understand, we created a list with prices and options for you to decide.

NOTE, All the options come with...
Free post in this Blog
Free Post in Twitter
Free post in Rss feeds
Free post in Calendar

Price List:

Record Label / Artist/ DJ or Personal website - £350
(5 Pages default + free support for 1 month)

Record Label / Artist / DJ or personal - £100
(Blog create on google + Free support for 1 month)

Single track video with cover art, links and logo - £50
Single track video with cover art, links, logo and fractal images in movement - £100

Release Promo text
Promo text with photo and links in .pdf, .text or word document - £30
(HTML & simple text ready to post in forums and blogs. This do not include "post")
Example text -

Release Promo page
Promo page with art cover, samples and player - £100
(This is a Wix free page. You will have the code to post the page on your website)
  See it live:

Full Release Promo
This will include: Release promo text/ Release promo page/ Release promo video - £200
(Release post in forums (extra £50)

Label Promotion text
Your label Biography and full catalogue with photos and links - £50
(Promo text in .pdf, or word document)

Forum Post
Promotional post in Forums, Blogs and networks - £50
(This option is only for post)

Facebook Page
Creation of a facebook network page - £30
(This is to create a facebook page - like or personal. Include texts and images.

Creation of a twitter page - £50
(Include ,logo, images and links + Publishing app)

Google Package
Creation of a Google account + google page profile + Google Blog - £250
(This full google package include a working account with emails, adds, profile, blog, youtube Channel and much more)+ Free support for 1 month

Creation of a soundcloud account for your label or single artist - £30
(This include the upload of 3 tracks with all the text and photos)

Youtube Channel
Creation of youtube channel for label or single artist - £50
(You need a Google account to set up this service. Include Photos and 1 video upload with all the text and tags)

Producer / DJ Promotion
Full Biography with photos and links - £50
(This include a .pdf or Word file document.)

Feel free to contact us with any enquire.



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