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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Xplorer - The First Blow EP

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First release for the Artist "Xplorer" and the 35th release on Lua Records Label.

More about this release ...

Xplorer is an uplifting and melodic Psy Trance music project from India, laying his original roots and ideas from Goa Trance music.  Driving basslines, Psychedelic sounds and soft melodies. A Perfect Morning breeze

About the Artist:
Since early age, Vipul Chawda AKA (Xplorer) was musically trained in Hindustani vocals and follow the Goa Trance scene. Later, Vipul was involved with the psychedelic Trance world and start to produce dance music. Since then, Vipul  spend four year searching for his own production style to bring us now the first Xplorer release to make you dance.
Xplorer first official blow of music to the dancefloor !


1. The World
2. Infinity
3. Mastery of space
4. Magic puzzle
5. Universal nutshell

Booking Artist:

Write and Produced by: Vipul Chawda AKA Xplorer (India)
Mastered by: Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK) - (Portugal/UK)
Graphics by: Criativity103 - (UK)
Publish by: Lua Records - (UK)
Promoted by: Feed Promo - (UK)
Download: Beatport /Juno Download / Festival Trade/ Audiojelly /Amazon /Emusic /etc...

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Qubenzis Psy Audio new release at Lua Records

Qubenzis Psy Audio second coming at Lua Records.

Official release by Lua Records is out now the second coming for Q.P.A - Psychedelic Freedom release.
One more promotional delivered to this great Psy trance release from Q.P.A (Qubenzis Psy Audio) .
Wile the preparation for this release Q.P.A visit UK to play at Psyanide party in Bristol where he presented the dance floor with tracks from the upcoming  making the dancefloor waving with good vibes and wiggling dance body moves.

After many release on other labels Qubenzis Psy Audio join Lua Records and publish his EP "Alien Inspiration" in 2012. One year later Q.P.A comeback to Lua Records label to publish what was pointed by many radio listeners and DJs as the perfectionist psy trance release of the year.
This may not be the charts top 10 psy trance release but the production technique used on this tracks are a gathering of many years of work and music design by Q.P.A.

Psychedelic Freedom release express a ideology about freedom. The artist left a note to us and we are happy to share with you.

Psychedelic Freedom equals the by birth inherited right to be in charge of ones own mind. To freely explore your own mind without interference by external intruders of any kind. The right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within.
To try to expand ones mental capabilities is a right and, possibly, almost a must, in order for personal, spiritual and societal evolution to occur. Psychedelic = Mind expansion, altered consciousness or a type of Mind "delirium" If anybody tries to mess with your mind through whatever means they are violating the basic right to Psychedelic Freedom. This can be done in several ways like:  TV brainwash, subliminal advertising, dis-information, artificially induced post-traumatic stress, deliberately induced stress of any kind, non consented intake of mind inhibiting psycho pharmaceuticals (like the chlorine in the drinking water), or any other activity that will fully induces a delusive inner (or outer) world view on a fellow sentient living entity.
We are all perfectly entitled to remain loving, content and peaceful within.

Some of the promotional work for reference:

Forums (ref:)
Video (ref:)

Promo page (ref:)
Blogs Post (ref:)
Social Networks (ref:)
Q.P.A (ref:)
Download (ref:)
The list can go bigger but this is only a reference of the work we had create for this label / release / Artist.
More to come.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dratchaday - Organic Moon psy trance music release

Dartchaday - Organic Moon is out now @ Lua Records

During this last week we have been promoting hard this new release.
Dartchaday AKA Paulo Avelar, a native of Lisbon, Portugal.
His interest in psychedelic trance music production only began in 2000 and since then Paulo spent a most part of his time locked in his studio perfecting and learning numerous techniques and concepts for musical production exchanging ideas with various producers, and receiving incentives from several friends to launch a more serious project.... In 2007 Dartchaday project was started.

The project Dartchaday represents a mix of trance with dashes of night Full On and rhythms of Goa Trance, falling melodies intertwined with the bass line, powerful kick and rhythmic percussions was been worked skilfully to make the dance floor in a higher state of mind.

More references about this release can be found here:

Forums (ref:)

Video (ref:)

Promo page (ref:)

Blogs Post (ref:)

Social Networks (ref:)

Dartchaday (ref:)

Download (ref:)

The list can go bigger but this is only a reference of the work we had create for this label / release / Artist.
More to come.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Q.P.A (UK Debut) at Psyanide party

Flying from Spain direct to Psyanide Party

Qubenzis Psy Audio aka Ricky Mard,originally from Sweden is the human power behind the Qubenzis Project !
When Q.P.A came in contact with the psychedelic subculture it inspired him to investigate more about this music style.
To Qubenzis Psy Audio psytrance represents a symbiosis of nature, technology, spirituality and music, a kind of electronic shamanism or a high tech Gnostic search for inner self in connection with the Universe.
Not only... Qubenzis Psy Audio has been in music for many years producing other music styles,including samples and loop packs for many artists and own production.
He is An artist, musician, dj and sound designer who creatively explores and expands ideas about what psychedelic trance music can be. A powerful musical journey with fusion of electronic dance music aimed for psytrance listeners whose intelligence craves more than just a thumping beat.
Ricky has been making music in his whole life and also learned to play different instruments especially synthesizer (frequency modulation) and the electric Bass guitar (frethless..) where he played with different bands and enrolled in different live music projects.
Since 2007 Q.P.A has started to develop a better sound by Learning more about how to digitally record and produce psytrance music transforming ideas into 'reality' by using his beloved synthesizers and computers.
Q.P.A DJ Mix mood tend to be “high octane Full On”, melodic dark (max 150 bpm) and psychedelic trance (142-148bpm) of high production quality.
Q.P.A Official Releases 2010/2013
Q.P.A - Subsequent Resonance - 2010 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Meta Dawn - 2010 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Alien Face Lift - 2012 (Qubetech Net Label)
Q.P.A - Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception (EP) - 2012 (Lua Records)
UPCOMING @ Lua Records (soon)
Q.P.A - Psychedelic Freedom - 2013
UPCOMING @ N.C.P Records (Soon)
Q.P.A - Gibraltar (DaDa project Remix) - 2013

For more reference visit Ricky`s Page where you can find a list with free downloads of many songs, mixes, samples and loops
Catch Q.P.A @ Psyanide Party
Tickets still available. Get yours here:
Visit Psyanide Website:

It's all in the music... just dance.



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