Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dratchaday - Organic Moon psy trance music release

Dartchaday - Organic Moon is out now @ Lua Records

During this last week we have been promoting hard this new release.
Dartchaday AKA Paulo Avelar, a native of Lisbon, Portugal.
His interest in psychedelic trance music production only began in 2000 and since then Paulo spent a most part of his time locked in his studio perfecting and learning numerous techniques and concepts for musical production exchanging ideas with various producers, and receiving incentives from several friends to launch a more serious project.... In 2007 Dartchaday project was started.

The project Dartchaday represents a mix of trance with dashes of night Full On and rhythms of Goa Trance, falling melodies intertwined with the bass line, powerful kick and rhythmic percussions was been worked skilfully to make the dance floor in a higher state of mind.

More references about this release can be found here:

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The list can go bigger but this is only a reference of the work we had create for this label / release / Artist.
More to come.



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