Saturday, 5 April 2014

Kabbalien - Humanoid CO48EP2

Second coming for kabbalien on N.C.P Records is now available for download in all stores.

After the impact of Humanoid CO48EP1 first release, kabbalien drop another electronic bomb in the land of the experiential music. As describe by the artists "This is not music to impress" the second release follow the same line of the first with distortion noises and ingenuous elaborative rhythms.

The musical barriers have been crossed and the extreme has meet to touch the surreal. This concept release is an original creation to celebrate the difference and instigate the unknown.

Kabbalien eclectic bass beats, glitch pops and noises, created a serious ground in the electronic music production. The second volume of Humanoid CO47EP2 is coming to an end.

Promises are that the upcoming release of Kabbalien will be a collaboration with other artists based in a more digestible ambient / experimental type of music.

Do we will have to get serious about this !?


Friday, 14 March 2014

Festival Trade music market store

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Festival trade is a web market store starting last year and already making furore between the most aware music collectors and music video aficionados.  Not only Festival Trade had archive recognition by the prices applied to new and second hand music on CD and DVD but also with some relevant books and dance music downloads too.

Festival Trade sell mostly music in various genres and advertise Hand-crafts but this still not available on the website for now, with a promise of coming soon.
The shop is owned by a music collector and second hand music dealer with some ramifications from other country's and independent record labels. These approach aloud the shop to stock a reasonable amount of limited editions, rare and hard to find music, books and films.

Festival Trade do not charge TAX as the shop sell mainly second-hand items. All the music and DVDs for sale in the store are graded and granted to be in acceptable conditions at least.

The grade as it show:

CDs - New / Like new / Excellent / Very good
DVDs - New / Like new / Excellent / Very good
Vinyl - Mint / near Mint / Very Good Plus / Very Good
Books - New & Used

This make it "Very Good" to be the lowest grade in the store

The seller is accurate and have a very well description and information about the items displayed in the pages in a situation the client is not happy, Festival Trade store accept returns.

The buying process at Festival Trade is easy and simple. You have the option to buy the items by Paypal or by credit & debit card and you have the choice to pay for registered deliver.

So... what make this shop special from the others ?

Festival Trade sell all types of music genres and movies but they are focus in specialized content as:
DVDs Films and series -  Animations /Action / Comedy and Sci-Fi
Most Part are super heroes and old animation tv series.

DVDs Music - Video Clips / Live concerts / Musicals / Biography's and Music documentary's
A huge sort of music and rare footage can be easy accessed in the store with a well pick choice of Rock concerts and more.

CDs of all genres - Ambient / Dance / Heavy Metal / Popular music / Rock / Rhythm & Blues  etc..
This is the big trade of the festival. Is here where you can found the music pearls you tough was lost. They stock many Classic Rock CDs and out of pressing as any other music genre can be found at very low prices.

Vinyl Rock & Dance - Rock / Drum & Bass / Psy Trance and mostly Breaks and Funky breaks.
The Rock vinyl page still in maintenance as it show "coming soon" but it promise already !

Books - Mystic / Psychedelia  and Biography is some of the titles you can found . Some of those already in two languages.

Art & Crafts - We still dont know much about this page but it sounds like this will be a last resource for the store as it talks about hand-made silver wire jewellery but till this days we had not see any.

The store looks good and all the products are very well described with all the information available.
In the product page you can see the tabs showing "More info" Data sheet" and "Comments"

Well design and with specific options this shop is well presented and the people who run it is very friendly and parctical answering to your messages in a very short time.
I would give 5 stars to this one as I had a good buyer experience. 

Store review Friday / March 14/ 2013

Monday, 10 March 2014

Kabbalien - Humanoids have landed

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 Kabbalien - Humanoid CO47EP2

After I stumble on this first release of Kabbalein, I could not decide if I like it or not...
one thing I know is that this was a strange music ! Is not normal, is not what we have been used to listen too and is not similar with other music I had listen till this days.

Kabbalien come across as experimental electronic music and still much to dig on who is it. He entitles itself as a studio scientist and dont like to follow the rules of music production, creating what other call wrong but there is when the question arrive... what's wrong in music ?
Is noise wrong ? if music is made of noise then is nothing wrong with noise but even so, this music is not noise ! This is a cross between electronic, experimental, industrial and some times you can even feel a cold coming up your spine with so many mechanical noises that no one would think in to incorporate in a track.  Digging deep on this release from N.C.P Records I found to be the first release of an artists wish premise to bring a all new world of mental electronic music.
This music is a incision of sounds from our day by day and a experimentation to our human senses.

I would not say this is perfect music but this is one of the most original releases I never had listen before.

1 - The Secret
2 - Comunicaca
3 - Imaginary Projection
4 -  mission transcripts
5 - Abandon Factory

 Music by: Kabbalien

Photo by: Vanessa Wayne

Capricorn Moon Model: Loopy Lewis

Get more N.C.P Rec. News here:

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Download full releases in MP3

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Feed Promo new blog name

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Early this year we had some problems with the domain name as this was creating a redirect into some other publicity website.

For this reason ,we been forced to remove the (FREE DOMAIN .TK)
We can not direct responsibility to the domain name itself as we try many ways to keep the domain but this was keeping redirection the all blog into some other site.

After we deleted the DNS of the domain name the problem keep precisest and later we have found that a banner code was making this redirect to happen.
Note that this banner was created by myself and I didn't have added any redirect code to it, so still a mystery case to wonder.
As a final result we have decide to keep the original name to the blog and delte the DNAs directed to the feed promo domain name.
Best Regards
Feed-Promo Crew

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Triplicity Psychedelic Gathering 2014

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18th April - 21st April

3 Nights - 4 Stages - Funktion 1 Pro Audio Sound

 Triplicity is a group of goer party people from Wales Organising psychedelic Gatherings in the Summer. 2014 will be a kick by a three days event in April. This time they join forces with other party organisers to bring the best fun and diversity. 


Playground of life:

The gates open at 2pm and the event starts at 6pm Friday 18th April 2014 and will run until midday on Monday 21st April. There will be 4 stages, 
* The Triplicity & Eden stage, 
* Alternative live acoustic and cinema stage, 
* The Playground of Life chill-out stage 
* The secret stage...... more info to follow ;).

 Stages will run from 10am until 2am with plenty going on in-between. The music will be NON-STOP. They will also be showing movies throughout the night in the alternative stage for those who want to take it easy in-between the stomping sessions. 

Event page:



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