Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kabbalien second release for 2014

Exercitation of Imagination is the second EP release this year for Kabbalien.
After the electronica experimentalism of Humanoid CO47EP1 in 2013 followed by Humanoid CO47EP2 in 2014, Kabbalien is now coming with a musical fusion approach in this new release crumbling fat basslines and mashing electronic beats accompanied by voices and space sounds..

Whats that !?

Exercitation of Imagination EP is the result of months expend in studio jamming with Phyldeep (Previews published "Subtitles EP" at N.C.P Records) Both Artists closed himself in studio for a couple of weeks recording the jam sessions. They record 100s of samples and interesting moments of casual and improvised music. From this Studio sessions kabbalien work his way into the recordings and extract , edit , re-arrange, clean, cut, dubbing and post produce the best moments.

The result is here and sounds like is more to come...

Kabbalien - Exercitation of  Imagination  EP

W&P by: Kabbalien (UK / Portugal)

Special Participation by: Phyldeep (UK)

Mastered by: Kabbalien

1) Take over
2) Experiment development
3) Computer emotions
4) The evidence

Beatport exclusive from: 14/11/2014

All stores: 28/11/2014

N.C.P Records



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