Sunday, 22 February 2015

DaDa Project Live music performance

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DaDa Project is a live music performance by an artists with many talents ! Not only as an improvised live musician, DaDa project is an Art & Crafts creator . On his Live performances he mix experimental music  / Improvised music / beats and old time radio pre-recorded sounds creating a loop environment of unpredictable music.
Sounds strange ?
Strange enough to be call Dada Project ! He make shows of 2 hours and create a visual stage environment with UV lights and recycled materials that Is something unique.

As if all this is not enough, the artist entitle himself of "Kabbalien" to publish music in other labels and create other music projects.

Retrieved from the website:

DaDa Project is an electronic music concept and is directed to small venues e/o chill out events.
This Project is mainly improvised and experimental music made from samples, pre-recorded noises and sounds generated in real time recording. This music is constructed as a collage of sounds and the Artist only makes it available on live performances.
The DaDa Project is a mescal of normal music, abnormal noise sounds, old time radio voices and sampling speeches. The artist produce, record, discompose and rearranged noises and voices... Add, cut, change, slice and glue sounds together. The music is produced in a way that all the sounds work in loop and in an improvisation music environment but the sound machines are not synchronized.
The music genre is mainly electronic down-tempo but it touches Glitch, Avant-garde and lo-fi, making the performances to have a cinematic feel.

Live Performance:
The artist has a special interest to play in small venues as these allow him a closer contact with the public.
The evolving static UV lights and décor are placed in a way to attract the listener into an illusionary cinematic déjà vu with music & visuals !
The visuals depend on the venue environment, stage, space capabilities and the time he will have to set up and put down the visual décor and equipment. The artist can perform for one hour without the Décors but he reckon the show will not have the same effect. He says; "It is important to create a good visual environment for the all performance to work, this can only be achieved with a two hours show"
For his performance, The Artist created some sculptures in painted recycled material and he has some exclusive Tie Dye UV backdrops to include in the show. All the performance is under UV static lights. He recalls: The Idea is to join music and visual arts in one stage. All this is unique Art décors, so I think they will complement the music and personalize the show!

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